1969 Nissan Patrol K60 4WD

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Canadian and American customers could get Nissan Patrols only from 1962 until 1969. Patrols were sold through Datsun dealerships, making it the only Nissan-badged vehicle sold in the USA until the early 1980s.

This 1969 4WD Nissan Patrol (60 series) K60 hard top was produced in the short wheelbase version. It has a manual transmission type-F3B83L with four speeds, and a two-speed transfer case with part-time four-wheel drive. The engine is the P engine, a 3,956 cc (241.4 cu in) inline overhead-valve six-cylinder, featuring bathtub-shaped combustion chambers and a fully balanced seven-bearing crank shaft. It has two doors in front and two at the back and four seats (driver and companion in front, two parallel back seats).

The odometer has almost certainly flipped once, so the mileage is likely 108K.

There is surface rust and passenger side dents on the fender and door. But I am leaving it as patina in this case, this was a working Patrol that did its work in the woods for a good long time. The seats, the side mirror, and the wheels are not original, but the rest is as I got it. I do think the rear fenders were radiused for fender flares..

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