What Exactly Does Proffer Mean?

It's the namesake of our marketplace, Proffery -- so what exactly is a proffer? Is it exactly the same as an offer? Something altogether different?

So does proffer just mean the same thing as offer? It technically does, but it is used in different circumstances, proffer obviously more rarely than offer.

As in the image, proffer is used in more formal instances, and is intended to emphasize courteousness. And that is where our use comes from. Our marketplace is a place to receive a formal, and courteous proffer. Anonymous marketplaces like Craigslist are suited to a looser approach, for people who don't mind lowball offers and messages flooding in.

Proffery restricts the ability to communicate with sellers because the only real communication necessary is to put forth a number one is willing to pay for a listing. If there is not enough information, questions can publicly be submitted, but you cannot initiate a private conversation on the platform. So if an automobile listing, for example, leaves out the odometer reading, one could submit a clarifying question, and the seller may decide to add it to the listing. At that point, if the listing is something people want, the offers will come in.

You'll notice that the actual button to initiate a proffer says 'Make an Offer' and this is just a nod to the reality that that's how people speak. Maybe one day we'll be popular enough to change it to 'Proffer Now' or something. But for now, we have to opt for clarity.

We hope you find something interesting to look at, happy hunting!

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