Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why aren't there any prices?

Proffery is a different kind of marketplace, for the kinds of products that are difficult to sell on places like eBay and Craigslist. Our intent is to help sellers get the best price for items that are difficult to set a price on. We let the buyer decide what they're willing to pay instead of forcing the seller to guess what something's worth.

How do I buy something?

In short, you make the best offer you can for the item, as soon as you can. We do not burden sellers with responding to lowball offers, they can just ignore any low offers. Buyers only have three chances at an offer, and other people may be making offers without you knowing. So you should offer as much as you're willing to pay if you really want an item.

How do I sell something?

Sign up, take a picture, and describe it briefly. That's really it. There are no fees to list. You increase your chances to sell if you upload more pictures, and if you describe the item in more detail. But the only requirement is one photo and a short description.